Marco Fusinato
  born in 1964
  Solo Exhibitions + Co-operative Projects
2001 The Studio, Sydney Opera House, Sydney. [03:00/4sp/_ _ : _ _ (performance)]
2000 PS Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  BASE, Firenze,Italy [SOLVER with John Nixon]
  Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney [TM / MF with Thurston Moore]
  Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne [TM / MF with Thurston Moore]
  First Floor, Melbourne Artspace, Sydney
1999 Hamish Mckay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
  Artspace, Sydney [ELECTRICITY / DISTORTION / DISTORTION (performance)]
1998 Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney [MONO- (performance)]
  CBD Gallery, Sydney
  Rm 3 Auckland, New Zealand talk artists initiative inc. Melbourne [REVOLUTION (with Rose Nolan)]
1997 Hamish Mckay gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
  Gallery in Situ, Auckland, New Zealand
  CBD Gallery, Sydney
  No 4. Melbourne
  CASE, Haarlem, The Netherlands (with Stephen Bram + Rose Nolan)
1996 CBD Gallery, Sydney
  200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
1995 CBD Gallery, Sydney
1994 CBD Gallery, Sydney
1993 STORE 5 (No 137) Melbourne
1992 STORE 5 (No 114) Melbourne
  Selected Group Exhibitions
2001 ART>MUSIC rock/pop/techno, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  Fusinato Jenkins Nixon, PS Gallery, Amsterdam
2000 MONOCHROMES, University Art Museum, Qld
  exhibition box , Hamish Mckay Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
  PINK, Parel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  FLOOR SHOW, Den Frie Udstillings Bygning, Copenhagen, Denmark
  SILVER SHINING, The Box, Torino, Italy
1999 CIRCLE RECORDS, Artspace, Sydney
  ON PAINTING (on the edge of painting) SCA Gallery, Sydney
  PROJECT 11, Sydney
  exhibition box, No 4. Melbourne
1998 PRIMAVERA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  Johnny the second, Kunsthalle Deutz, Cologne, Germany
  Winston, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (with Stephen Bram + Rose Nolan)
  Ausstellungsraum Balanstrasse, Munich, Germany (with Stephen Bram + RoseNolan)
  Stazione Topolo / Postaja Topolov, Topolo, Italy
  Transverzala Utrinkov, Znojile, Slovenia
  Underbelly, Cosmopolitan, Adelaide
  True Colours, Pt 1, SCA Gallery, Sydney
  True Colours, Pt 2, CBD Gallery, Sydney
1997 ABSTRACT ABSTRACT, The Honeymoon Suite, Dunedin, New Zealand
  Rhyme and Reason, 4A Gallery, Sydney
1996 Recent Acquisitions of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  Practice as Technology, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
1995 Monash University Inaugural Art Award, Monash University art gallery, Melbourne
  Videonalle No 6, Bonn, Germany
1994 Static, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
  Loop, Part One, (A Critical Cities project, Melbourne) Longford Cinema, Melbourne
  SOLO (all releases on CIRCLE RECORDS)
  EXTENDED EP in E 7îrecord 1997
  MONO- 7îrecord 1998
  FEEDBACK 1 2 3 4 (4 x) 7îrecords 1998
  FREI 7îrecord 1998
  VRIJ 7îrecord 1998
  LIBERO 7îrecord 1999
  FREE 7îrecord 2000
  FRI 7îrecord 2000
  MF AMP PIECE FOR MC 7" record 1999
  [EDIT] 7îrecord 2000
  +-/+-/+-/+- 7îrecord 2001
  SOLVER (formerly SCALA) Marco Fusinato + John Nixon
  SCALA 7îrecord 1997
  SCALA 2 7îrecord 1997
  SOLVER 1 7îrecord 1997
  SOLVER 2 7îrecord 1998
  SOLVER 3 7îrecord 1998
  SOLVER live in firenze 7îrecord 2000
  on CD
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