Klaske Oenema
Permanent Projections

8-10 November 2019

Klaske Oenema (1975) writes, sings and creates shadows from paper and plastic that animate her songs and poems. 
In Permanent Projections these shadows are photographed and presented on paper. 
The graphic, mostly black and white images show daily materials that pass through everyone’s hands: the cellophane of a bunch of flowers received on a birthday, the packaging around a magazine found in the post. In the light of an old-time overhead projector, the delicate damage that comes from wear and tear gives depth to the image and is contrasted by the willpower of sharper lines and cuts. As an artist Klaske tries to find a balance between figuration and abstraction, precision and coincidence. 

Opening: 8 November from 17.00 hrs.
Performance at 17.30 hrs.

Photography by Nico Bick