"The Queen owns all the Swans in England” - Twan Janssen
14 November 2021 - 21 December 2021

In the past year I became unilaterally deaf and blind and at one point took sixteen different drugs a day, with every conceivable side effect. 
Something strange happened here: I set out to find out which side effects belonged to which drugs, an impossible task, fueled by distrust of my own body, which had let me down. 
That search looked suspiciously like the 'own research' of vaccine skeptics: every desired truth can be found on the internet, you can always be right somewhere. 

I've become interested in systems that only make sense in one person's head, a hyperpersonal conspiracy theory, which is essentially what any artistry is. 

After thirty years of painting, I had to radically change my professional practice, if you no longer see depth, you simply cannot paint anymore. 
I now work with the 3d printer and study all possibilities to give this detached process a handwriting by using an index of errors: printing too slowly or too fast, at the wrong temperature, with the wrong material, everything to rule out perfection. 

This exhibition is the first presentation of the new works, all printed in plastic, created in 2021. 
It is an ad hoc collection of factoids from the Net, logos, papers, messes, song lyrics. Crumpled paper, tape, wallpaper samples. 
Modernism and its heroes, with a guest role without text for painting. 

Somewhere there must be someone in whose head all this is right. 
For the rest of us, it's guesswork.