Salomé Ghazanfari
Riette Wanders

Opening Friday 7 April 17.00 – 19.00 hrs.
7 – 9 April, 2023

PS projectspace is proud to announce a new duo exhibition by Salomé Ghazanfari from Berlin and Riette Wanders, living and working in Amsterdam. Earlier, in December 2014, a short presentation of these two exceptional female artists was shown in Amsterdam. This time the exhibition is again a short but powerful show of sliver new work by both artists that will be on view from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 April. We herewith would like to invite you to be present at the opening on Friday 7 April from 17:00 pm – 19:00 hrs.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April from 13:00 - 17:00, welcome!

Ghazanfari finds her material mainly outside, on the street. The aesthetics of billboards, street advertising, texts carved in trees, graffiti but also text messages play a central role in her work, as she is using a striking language as a carrier for messages. She regularly uses photography as a medium but her photo’s aren’t photographs in the classical sense. Her way of documenting is pop, flat and formally moves on the surface - it uses a generally comprehensible form and concentrates complexity. By blowing the images up into different sizes, and combining them with sculptures and objects, they become part of a larger whole. Ghazanfari is using the language of advertisement to deliver messages that are to be found outside of the advertisment industry. 

Riëtte Wanders‘ artistic practice is one of constant exploration. She is known for her large-scale charcoal and textile drawings that feature vibrant organic and abstract imagery. However, her latest series of drawings represents a departure from her previous work. These new works are small, in color, and executed with oil pastel on paper.

What sets these new works apart is their source material. They are translations of digital drawings and miniature aluminum sculptures, as well as depictions of molars with amalgam fillings. The inclusion of these seemingly disparate elements speaks to Wanders‘ willingness to experiment with different media and subject matter.

She draws the eye to a space that is not even accessible to oneself, although it is one of our most intimate holes. the oral cavity as the space for our grinding mouth is the space in which not only saliva is produced and spat out, but also speech. Almost contradictory, Wanders seeks and finds the intimate depictions in virtual space, public and accessible to everyone.

The ‘Amalgan series’ will be presented at this exhibition.