KRUISVORMEN – James William Murray

22 January – 26 February 2023
Opening Sunday 22 January 16–18 hrs

PS proudly presents the new exhibition Kruisvormen by James William Murray. Murray is an artist based in the coastal city of Brighton, England who makes sculptures, drawings, and print-based work.

Since 2022 Murray has pursued an austere formalism based on the proportions of a 2:1 cross form. This form is obscured, traversed, fragmented, permutated, and repeated through layered processes of abstraction. All his work begins with manual graphite drawings, which are translated into digital drawings before being realised spatially.

For his first exhibition in the Netherlands, Murray is presenting examples from two new bodies of work. Marfa Cross Forms #1-12 is a series of monoprints developed from graphite drawings he made during a residency in Marfa, Texas, USA, in the summer of 2022. Cross form emerging #2 is a wall-mounted sculpture made with brass tube braised with silver. The form reveals how the 2:1 cross emerged from previous bodies of work. Murray titled the exhibition Kruisvormen as he likes how the words ‘cross forms’ translate from English into a single word in Dutch.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturdays 13 – 17 hrs. and by appointment.