Shuhei Fukuda

1 — 3 SEPTEMBER, 2023

PS proudly presents the new weekend exhibition Quiet Colors by Shuhei Fukuda (b.1997 Gunma/Okinawa, Japan).

A previous exhibition of Shuhei Fukuda in PS projectspace was in September - October 2018 together with Atsuo Hukuda.
Shuhei Fukuda is currently exhibiting along with Yuka Miyazaki in Ashes and Silver Leaf at Hebel_121 in Basel, 26 August - 14 October 2023.

In painting, the relationship between the support and the surface is unquestionably recognised as the complete form of the painting itself. The Japanese paintings produced by Fukuda seem to be the lowest common denominator of art, simply "being there", if you look at the way they exist in space with the materiality of the support itself and the silver foil that fills the surface and the Japanese paper used for the painting material that he views.
The "Japanese paper and silver leaf" is a liberation from the necessity of the surface/support being one with the colour-changing silver leaf, and can be called a "special physical property" that is neither painting nor sculpture any more. The silver film, which can be translucent like oblate or reflective/translucent like a mirror or glass, is purely cultivated by us through the primitive and ephemeral experience of art, which is to stretch, to apply and to look at. The artist's original concept of art, nurtured by a new experiment, which could be described as the limit of the intensity of silver, sulphur and vermilion, is developed. It is there in tune with Robert Ryman's guiding principle of how to paint, just as what to paint is the guiding principle of contemporary.